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Teen Dating Violence awareness

Teen dating Violence is:

A pattern of behavior that includes physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse used by one person in a dating relationship to exert power and control over another.

In most cases violence is used to get another to do what he/she wants, to gain power and control, to cause humiliation and to promote fear, and to retaliate against a partner.

TDV is generally defined as occurring among individuals between the ages of 13-19 years old.

Approximately 25% of teens report experiencing TDV annually.

Signs of an abusive relationship: 

Secrecy or withdrawn from friends and family

Avoidance of school or social events with weird excuses

Teen’s partner is extremely jealous or possessive

Unexplained marks or bruises

Teen’s partner emails or texts excessively

Teen seems anxious or depressed

Teen stops participating in favorite activities and events

Teen’s partner is violent towards animals and other people

Teen begin to dress differently or inappropriate to the weather

Types of dating abuse:






Digital abuse & dating violence examples: 

Uses technology to keep  constant tabs on victim

Demands to see pictures, phone calls, texts, emails, call histories and checks them

Bullies, steals, insists, forces you to give out and share all your passwords and codes

Constantly texts, calls, emails negative, insulting or threatening messages to you

Uses public forums to spread rumors, post pictures, texts messages to humiliate you

Increased risk of being a teen abuser:

Believe dating violence is acceptable

Aggressive behavior 

Early age substance use 

Early sexual activity/multiple partners

Friends who are abusers

Witnessing/experiencing violence at home

Depression, anxiety, trauma

It is not normal when your partner:

Is extremely jealous, possessive, 

Withdraws you from friends, family, school, social events, activities or your interests

Scares, pushes, hits, chokes, restrains

Physically harms, forces you to have sex

Frequently threatens to harm themselves or commit suicide

Checks up on you obsessively, 

Won’t except a breakup

Impact of dating violence: Increased risk:


Depression and anxiety

Risky sexual behavior ( not using condoms, multiple partners)

Unhealthy dieting behaviors

Substance abuse

Suicidal ideation/attempts

Victimization in college

Avoidance of school to avoid the abuser


Barriers to seeking help:


Bad reputation, rumors

Exposed secrets, outing

Loss of social status

Retaliation from partner, friends

Parental reaction

Loss of freedom





Lack of experience

Distrust of adults

Low self esteem

Social/Peer Pressure


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