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Supporting our local communities



Are you like us and want to help? We all know the current situation and how it's getting tougher for many. It's even tougher for those who have to make split second life and death situations for themselves and often their children when the time comes to leave an abusive relationship. Add in the current struggles with Covid-19, shortages etc. and it's even worse.

You can be of help. We are looking for donations of many common items that will benefit domestic violence survivors and others in the community. Monetary donations go a long way and so will items on the sample list below.

You can make monetary donations on the site.


The list items can be dropped off and we'll provide instructions on how to do that. If you don't have transportation and live in the Aurora area, we can pick them up via requests on the web page. You can also order online from local and other business for delivery or local pickup by our volunteers.


To contact us: message us via the page chat or email submission below and we'll be in contact ASAP. 

And as always, we appreciate everyone's assistance and coming together in the community in a time of crisis.

We are looking for new, unopened items for most of the list excluding towels, blankets, towels and some pet care items.

1. Gift Certificates or cash donations – This allows us to buy
    items we need as needed.
2. RTD 10 Ride Ticket book
3. Paper products (one ply or septic safe), paper towels,
    and Kleenex
4. Bath, hand, cleaning towels
5. Cleaning products: bleach spray, dish soap, laundry
    detergent HE (pods)
6. Dog/Cat food and toys
7. School supplies (any!)
8. Sensory Brushes (important for clients)
9. Baby/teen cloths, diapers and pacifiers (for our little clients)
10. Blender
11. Pots/Pans
12. Night lights (4)
13. Kid/Adult coloring books
14. New twin size sheets
15. Wash cloth's
16. Laundry baskets
17. Gallon and kitchen trash bags
18. Light bulbs (50 and 60 watt)
19. Socks and Underwear new (all sizes and ages)
20. Tool kit
21. Plastic bowls
22. Dvd player
23. Cookie sheets, baking utensils
24. Forks, spoons, cutlery
25. Non-perishable food
26. Batteries (all sizes)
27. Soap, shampoo etc.
28. Deodorant
29. Men hygiene bags
30. Toothpaste (travel size is okay)
31. Lotion
32. Combs and brushes
33. Floss
34. Medical thermometer
35. OTC cold medicine
36. Ibuprofen and Tylenol
37. Towels/blankets for pets
38. Visa gift cards for vet care and animal medicine
39. Any new board game that is children friendly
40. Floor cleaning products

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