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About us

Ally was vibrant, caring and ready to explore the world via the US Navy after high school. Her life’s ambition was to be out helping others any way should could and she had a heart worthy of a Queen. Music, dancing and exploring the triumphs and tribulations of being a teen were a common routine for her. At 18, she began exploring herself and what relationships are all about as most do at this age. She became involved in a relationship that at the start, seemed meant to be and her world was alive. However, this new found love was cut short when her life came to an end at the hands of her boyfriend. Another statistic of the horrors surrounding teen dating violence in conjunction with the affects of  a controlling, and violent prone domestic violence perpetrator.

We vowed to carry on her spirit and continue her journey via the Ally Remembered Foundation. Finding a way to honor her and raise awareness over the affects of domestic violence so that others will be empowered to live domestic violence free lives has become our priority. Ally’s stepfather Andy Starrett has championed this mission. Utilizing his desire for sharing Ally’s story so it might benefit others and his passion for the sport of paintball, the foundation was born. The ARF’s primary goals are to reach affected youth and, using the sport as a catalyst, offer unique support programs that encompass keeping survivors focused on a positive future.



The Ally Remembered mission is straight forward and simple. Empowering Lifestyles Free From Domestic Violence. With an emphasis on issues caused by unhealthy relationships, we are driving awareness in our community and worldwide to honor and celebrate Ally and her dreams of being in a support role to others


 Statics show that close to 40% of kids living in abusive homes become offenders themselves when older. Our paintball initiative working locally and with chapters aims to reduce that statistic. It's not directed at just youth survivors, our mission in paintball is to provide all youth access to proper safety, training, health and citizenship skills often forgot about in sports. All with a vision that keeping youth involved in the sport within a group of like-minded peers and mentors can have positive affects.  Now, we are looking for those who share this vision and field operators and other businesses to partner with. 

our Board of directors:

Andy Starrett

President and Founder


Thomas Boot

VP, Board of Directors


Dan Arkulary

Treasurer, Board of Directors


Michelle Boot

Secretary, Board of Directors


Alex Anderson

Board of Directrors


Bea Youngs-Paxson

Board of Directors


Debbie Stafford

 Board of Directors

Bud Orr.jpeg

Bud Orr

Board of Directors


Dan Colby

Advisory, Board of Directors

 TBA Board of Directors

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